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   Buy WOW gold

It is not easy to get WOW gold in world of warcraft. It costs you so much time and energy. Sometimes it is really boring. Now you can buy Cheapest WOW gold from farmer100.

Why purchase World of Warcraft Gold from farmer100? There are five reasons to let farmer100 become a good WOW gold supplier:


(1) Professtional farmers:

We are a global leading WOW Gold Provider which has served thousands of customers all over the world. We have professional farmers to make WOW Gold for you as soon as possible after you have made an order and paid for us.


(2) Fast delivery and cheap price:

We now provide World of Warcraft Gold at unbeatable low price with free delivery to your WOW account and also do the WOW Powerleveling. We can delivery WOW gold within 10-15 minutes. We never rest in order to offer you the best service

(3) Safe transaction:

All of our cheap WOW gold are collected without money cheats or hacks. We won’t use the third party software to make WOW gold. So you don’t need to worry about our honesty and the safety of your order for WOW gold.


(4) Fexible payment methods:

There are four payment methods for you to pay for your World of Warcraft Gold. They are paypal, westerun union, monery transfer, moneybookers. You can choose one of them as you like. Moreover, there will be more simple and safe payment you can choose in the near future.


(5) Super customer service:

We are an aggreesive and positive team. All of us believe that customers’ support is our honor. And if you have any question in your purchasing process or any doubt about buying WOW gold, please feel free to contact our customer service via live chat at your convinience. We should do our best to service for you. Also we hope that you can make a suggestion to improve our service.


With your help and support we can make a great progress and provide better and better service. We are sure that you will be more satisfied with our WOW gold service on farmer100.




  WOW Power Leveling

You are welcome to buy professional WOW Power Leveling on farmer100. Our company has already prepared to offer Power Leveling, which specially for WOW Leveling Skill Power Leveling,Obsidian armorWOW Title Power Leveling !   Our WOW PowerLeveling servie is best for we can give you the following promises after you purchase WOW Power Leveling servie from us.

Safest Transaction: We understand that you may be nervous about letting us access your World of Warcraft game account while leveling your character. Game account theft is a very real problem, thus we take the security of our customers' game accounts very seriously. Farmer100 relies on strictly enforced internal policies to safeguard customer game accounts as the leading provider of WOW powerleveling .

Every single character is leveled by a master player that conducts himself in an ethical manner in the game. Your character will not be used to Player-Kill, Kill-Steal, hoard farming locations, or any other in-game behavior that is frowned upon. It goes without saying that macros, dupes, game bug exploits, and other such foolishness will never be used. We only need your game ID and password to level your character.

We do not need your master ID, password, or your birthday, all of which are needed to take full control of your World of Warcraft account. Since you keep this vital information yourself, your WOW account is fully secure. In short, your character will be leveled the safest way possible: by going through the grind.

Fastest:Our guys are very excellent in providing WOW power leveling at reasonable prices , so they can finish WOW powerleveling immediately after they begin to work for you. They have outstanding WOW leveling experience and have done a great number of orders for power leveling,knowing how to power level your character in your satisfied way . In addition, our specialists is a large and good team, maybe the largest among WOW power leveling service providers.

Lowest price:We do WOW leveling for you with an unimaginable low price. We know that it is not so easy to earn money in real world, so we low down our service price again and again.

Flexible payment: There are four payment methods for you to pay for us. They are paypal, westerun union, monery transfer, moneybookers. You can choose one of them as you like.


Start Time

We usually start to power up level the chosen stat(s) on your account in 30 minutes after we recieve your payment.

Access Limitation

Please don't login your account during this process of power leveling. Logging in your WOW account will only slow us down and make it way higher chances of getting banned from frequently switching IP address. You can check the status of the power leveling any time via 24/6 except online support or by email, and we will notify you as soon as your order of powerleveling is done.

Further Protection

When we finish WOW power leveling for you, please change your password immediately. We are no longer responsible for your account after your checking. Thank you and have fun shopping in farmer100.




                   WOW CD key

WOW product key (also referred to as WOW CD Key) is the key to access to World of Warcraft ,Which is used to create a new WOW Account with 30 days or 60 days for playing. Use of these WOW CDKeys to enter the world of WOW and create your unique creature and guide it on an epic journey through a universe of your own creations.

Since you have known World of Warcraft CD Keys is so important, let me tell you a site to buy them. That is farmer100.


Why buy WOW CD key from farmer100?

Reason 1:
Our price is competive.

We offer all the WOW CD keys with the lowest price. We provide this service just to make it more convenient for you. So we get less benefit from selling WOW CD Key to you. So feel free to ccontact us when you decide to buy it.

Reason 2:
Our service is professional.

We build up our supporting forum. You can submit any quesiton on forum about your game. Our game engineer will give you prompt and professional answer based on your thread.
You can get after-sales service through it completely.

Reason 3:
Our sales model is flexible.

In order to decrease our client's burden, we can accept online delivery using WOW CD key or FTP manner.Under this model, buyer will no need bear shipping charge.
Just choose suitable delivery manner based on your actual situation.

Reason 4:
Our stock is plenty.

Generally, we keep 50-100 sets game(each type) in our stock in order to fit demanding of bulk order.
So, clan source or sales agent will be welcome. I hope our client can trust our power completely.
Now there are four ways you can pay for us ,those are paypal ,western union, moneybookers and banktransfer. After the payment please contact our live help as soon as possible on And after we finish the trade, please contact us with live chat again to confirm the transaction. Then the whole deal to buy tne cheapest WOW CD key is finally done.


Buy WOW Items

Looking forward to getting WOW Items with a low price ? Do you have doubt about the safety when buying cheap WOW Items from other sites ? So you just come to the right place. We offer all sorts of fantastic WoW items. With these items including armor,weapons, and other powerful items, your character is strongly powered in the game World of Warcraft . So we supply all kinds of useful WOW Items just to make you have more fun in the game. And we have been in this business for years, we are most reliable. If you want to buy some World of the Warcraft Items ,feel free to contact our live chat and we will offer the best service for you. You will find that farmer100 is your wisest choice!

Why buy WOW Items from farmer100? I think there are at least three reasons as follow:


(1)   Fastest transfering:

Over one hundred experienced farmers work for you to ensure the enough stock of World of the Warcraft Items  All the farmers are experts at making WOW Items and they work hard. We are trying to do an instant way for WOW Items delivery to finish your order as soon as possible.


(2)Safest transaction:

We make cheap WOW Items all by manual ways without any bots, hacks or Macro. So don’t worry about being banned . Your account will be safe and secure. We will never ask you to offer us your WOW account password, you can keep the account under your control all the time.


(3)Most Effective:

We will arrange our farmers to start transfering WOW Items to your account in 20mins after you finish your payment for your order on Farmer100.


(4)Flexible payment methods:

Now there are four ways you can pay for us. Those are paypal ,western union, moneybookers and banktransfer. After the payment please contact our live help as soon as possible on And after we finish the trade, please contact us with live chat again to confirm the transaction. Then the whole deal is finally done.

Please visit farmer100 and give it a try to buy World of the Warcraft Items. You will be satisfied with our best service. You are welcome to give us any suggestion so that we can continue to improve our service.


Buy WOW Account

Farmer100 is a leading account retailer for World of Warcraft Accounts  which is not an auction site. We are not a broker, all of the WOW accounts listed on the web site we have ownership of. We have a 100% WOW accounts guarantee. Buy wow accounts is your wise choice.

How to buy Farmer100's WOW Accounts?

1. Seven Steps to Buy Farmer100's WOW accounts:

Step1: Click Buy WOW Account or sell WOW account will bring you to the account listings.

Step2: Click Farmer100's Accounts on the left World of Warcraft accounts catalogue, it will list all accounts selling buy farmer100.

Step3: Choose your favorite account combat level,and click on the Screenshot to check the account detail information. Anything unsure please contact our online customer service.

Step4: Click BuyNow button to make your order and finish your payment. And then contact our online customer service to confirm your order information and payment. Payment Options

Step5: After confirmed your order and payment, we will send an email to deliver the World of Warcraft Account detail information , including username, password.

Step6: Check your email box and login account to check all the detail information of it. If everything is ok, change the password and bankpin immediately.

Step7: If any problem during playing your account, please contact us in time.  

Notice: In order to protect yourself, please change the password and other important infomations once you have access to it. If you meet any problems during the two dayss, please contact us for help.

How to buy WOW Accounts from other sellers?

1.     Famer100 is not the second hand of any WOW account listed buy others sellers. So Farmer100 is not responsible for the trading between you and the seller. In any case, as a buyer, you should contact the seller directly during the whole trading process. Farmer100 is just only offer the free marketplace for both the sellers and the buyers. The number of the stars besides the seller's name just only indicates the number of the WOW account(s) listed by the seller.

2.     Contact the seller directly by yourself to confirm the account information and other necessary information about the seller himself(herself). Such us, email address, phone no. and home address, ect. And you'd better test his honesty . Please do not send your payment to the seller before you contact him or her. 

3.     Choose a payment method which can protect your money in same way, such as paypal(, google checkout and so on. For example, if you do not get what you want after pay for the seller, you can make a claim or dispute in your paypal account for non-recipient. But you should cancel the claim or dispute as long as the seller finish the delivery.

4.     Change password immediately and ask the seller for help when anything happen to the World of Warcraft Account you paid for.

5.     If you are too young to buy anything online, you'd better ask your parents for help.

Why Choose Farmer100's WOW Accounts?

1.     Farmer100 is the trusted seller over 4 years.

2.     All WOW accounts listed by farmer100 is in stock and can be delivered as soon as possible.

3.     Farmer100 offers the cheapest WOW accounts . If you want to buy  WOW account with little money, you should choose farmer100's WOW accounts .

4.     See Farmer100's Responsibility above.

5.     Farmer100 always offer the best service for all WOW players.


Sell World of Warcraft Account

Are you looking for a good and safe site to sell wow account?

Maybe you can sell wow account for hundred dollars.Farmer100 is your wise choice where you can sell your World of Warcraft account with high price. Farmer100 welcomes customers from wherever to sell wow accounts to us.

How to Sell WOW Accounts to Farmer100?

1.     Six Steps to sell WOW accounts to Farmer100:

Step 1: Register an ordinary member on Farmer100, it is totally free.

Step 2: Login your farmer100 account, and then click Sell WOW Acounts , it will take you to the right webpage.

Step 3: Choose the radio button of "Sell my account to Farmer100", then it will show you all the information you should submit. Fill out your account detail information and your paypal account which will be used to receive payment from farmer100. Submit your account detail information  and then contact our online customer service.

Step 4: We will check your account detail and confirm your personal information. The process need 3-4 hours. We will only collect valuable accounts from honest players. If we refuse to collect your accounts, you can choose the radio button of "Sell my account to players".

Step 5: If we decide to buy your wow account(s), you should offer more detail information about your account and promise to help us to get it back once it is hacked or locked. Then, we will mark the seller of your account as Farmer100, and you will can not see it from your selling accounts lists of your farmer100 account panel.

Step 6: If you provide us enough information , we will pay you as soon as possible. We choose paypal as the only payment option, so you have to prepare a paypal account to accept our payment. How to use paypal? click here

2. Your Responsibility as a seller:

You are hereby transferring ownership of to this website's company. You should agree that if you attempt or do succeed in retrieving this account after or in the process of being paid by farmer100 , you won’t get your money. You are fully responsible for your World of Warcraft account if we return all the information you give to us.

How to Sell WOW accounts to players?

Selling WOW account(s) through Farmer100 is simple and fast. The buyer can contact you directly for WOW account trade details. Thousands of World of Warcraft players have sold their WOW accounts through Farmer100's WOW accounts trade marketplace, and there are over 200 World of Warcraft accounts transactions each day. Your WOW account(s) can be sold out in very shot time if it is a good one.

Notice: Farmer100 is not responsible for any case in the whole transaction. The seller and the buyer should resolve all possible problem by directly contacting each other.

Five Steps for Selling WOW accounts to players: ( Now it is free for all players till 15th. Nov. See Good News)

Step 1: Register a G$ Member on GGGold Forum. It costs 10.0USD(or 8.0EUR or 6.0GBP) to become a G$ Member, and there will be 10.0GD(GGGold Dollars, 1.0GD = 1.0USD) balance in your G$ Member accounts. Each time you upload a new World of Warcraft account for sell on it automatically deducts 5.0GD from your G$ Member balance. That is, it costs you 5.0USD to sell one WOW account. So, if you upload 2 WOW accounts on for sale it automatically deducts 10.0GD from your G$ Member balance. If there is not enough GD balance in your G$ member account, you should Buy GD , at least 5.0GD, for your G$ Member account and then you can upload your new World of Warcraft account on for sale.
You can also use your GD balance to order any items or service offered by or For example, you can order 1Mil Runescape money with 3.89GD.

Step 2: Login your G$ Member account on the Home Page of You can login your G$ Member account on both and GGGold Forum. But if you try to sell your WOW accounts you have to login on You can upload your WOW accounts information or update your selling World of Warcraft accounts information at any time as you like after login your G$ member account on

Step 3: Upload or update your WOW account(s) information by clicking the "My WOW Accounts" after login your G$ member account on WOW account information include skill screenshot, bank screenshot, quest point and so on. We suggest you should not show your World of Warcraft account username and password in anyway before get payment from the buyer. Update your World of Warcraft accounts info, such as combat level, quest point, items or price and so on, to keep your WOW account being listed on the first page of selling WOW accounts list on

Step 4: Deliver your World of Warcraft account(s) to the buyer after get the payment. You should actively offer all your WOW account(s) detail information to your customer, such as, username, password and so on. After you finish the delivery please change your WOW account status to "sold" and then it will be remove from the selling WOW accunts list on

Step 5: Offer your best service to the buyer and help him or her to get much fun by playing your WOW account(s). You should try your best to help the buyer to get the account back if it is hacked by other or locked or disabled by game developer.

Good News: It is totally free to sell WOW accounts on You do not need to be a G$ Member of GGGold Forum, an ordinary member account is ok. This free activity will expire on 15th. Nov. this year. Please hurry up to sell out your accounts!


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